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Every ceremony is different. But in general:

Consultation: Free. I’d like you to be as comfortable as possible in designing your special day. We can meet in person as often as you like, and coordinate via email or phone. I love answering questions – don’t be afraid to ask!

Travel: I’m based in eastern Palm Beach County. Add $50.00 for travel to western Palm Beach County (Belle Glade) or Martin County.
Add $65.00 for travel to St. Lucie, Broward or Dade County.

Vow Renewal / Commitment / Civil Union Ceremony Ceremony – $130.00

Rehearsal – $50.00 / hr. A $25.00 charge is added to every 1/2
hour over the first hour.

ELOPE Package (Brief & intimate event, simple ceremony, filing of marriage license with appropriate courthouse) – $150.00

REGULAR Package (Larger event, customized ceremony, filing of marriage license with appropriate courthouse) – $200.00

REGULAR + Rehearsal (Rehearsal – 1 hr., officiant and unique ceremony, filing of marriage license with appropriate courthouse) – $250.00

TRADITIONAL (Large event – 1 hr. or more, Rehearsal – 1 hr., customized ceremony, decorated table for unity candle/wine/sand ceremony, copy of ceremony, filing of marriage license with appropriate courthouse) – $300.00

DEPOSIT INFORMATION – A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required to hold a date. The deposit is non-refundable in the case of cancellation or rescheduling by the couple.


Simple ceremony (Small, at-home event) – $50

Formal baptism (Larger, more elaborate event) – $75

House Blessing

Simple prayer – $50

Hand-designed ceremony (Marking the lintel, salt on the threshold, etc.) – $75

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Officiant Contract

If you’d feel comfortable with a contract, here’s one that should provide peace of mind.

(Downloadable version)


Contract for Service

I, __________________ , wish to hire the services of  Grant Balfour, D.D.,  minister of the Universal Life Church, to perform my wedding ceremony on ___/_____/_____.

________________________________ ________________________________
Bride’s full name & contact info Groom’s full name & contact info

The ceremony location will be: _____________________________________________
Address__________________________  City_______________________ State______
Phone # __________________
The ceremony will start at approx. _________________am/pm.
Approximate number of guests: __________________

Payment Terms:

A booking fee of 50% is due when the wedding date is reserved and is non-refundable.

I understand what is included in the booking and all questions have been answered to my satisfaction. Upon signature and receipt of booking fee Grant Balfour will reserve the time and date agreed upon to perform our wedding ceremony. The balance of the total fee is due at the rehearsal or immediately before the ceremony.

Total Fee: $________
= Booking Fee 50% + Officiant Fee $ ______ + Rehearsal Fee $_____+ Travel $________


Grant Balfour shall arrive at the following location for the rehearsal: _______________________________________________________
at or before ____:____ am/pm on the _____ day of __________, 20____ and will depart no later than ____:____ am/pm to ensure compliance with his overall schedule. If the rehearsal runs past one hour then there will be an additional $20.00 fee added for each half hour past the first. The client understands that he or she must adhere to these times, but they may be extended at Grant Balfour’s sole discretion if Grant Balfour’s schedule permits.

Marriage License: 

I understand that it is my responsibility to acquire a valid marriage license in the state where the wedding ceremony will take place and that the marriage license must be on the premises when the ceremony is performed. I understand that failure to have these legal documents means that Grant Balfour can only perform a symbolic ceremony, which will have no legal merit. In this eventuality, and at the sole discretion of the Officiant, a short, civil ceremony may be performed at a later date and time at the additional nominal charge of $25, plus any applicable travel fees depending on distance. The legal ceremony shall be performed on a day or evening according to the availability of the Officiant. Any witnesses needed must be provided by the Client, and the ceremony must start promptly at the scheduled time, and not be attended by more than six guests, not including bride and groom.


Should the ceremony begin later than scheduled due to issues beyond the control of the Officiant, Client agrees that the contents of the ceremony/script may be spontaneously edited for time, as needed, solely at the discretion of the Officiant. “Editing” may include the deletion of any wording, the elimination or alteration of any elements and/or readings, the substitution of wording/elements, etc., as the Officiant deems necessary – with the sole exception of those sections that may be required by law.

The Officiant will leave ample time to allow for the unforeseen, and will do everything possible to accommodate extenuating circumstances. In the event the scheduled Officiant is prohibited from officiating at the Client’s ceremony as planned due to hospitalization, auto accident, and/or transportation breakdown/disruption or other unforeseen incapacitation or cause of non-arrival on the day of the ceremony, Grant Balfour, Wedding Officiant, will make every attempt to provide for a substitute Officiant who can provide substantially the same type/level of service. In any event, Grant Balfour shall NOT be held liable for any compensation or damages due to non-performance of any ceremony/function resulting from such incapacitation, non-arrival, late arrival, errors or omissions of any type. However, if for ANY reason (by no fault of the Officiant) the ceremony starts 45 minutes or more after it is scheduled, the Officiant may, at his/her option perform a very short civil ceremony in place of the agreed-upon ceremony. Grant Balfour shall not be held liable for any costs of the ceremony or reception, or damages of any kind. If the Client wishes to void this clause and reserve the Officiant’s services for the entire day, there will be an additional $200 charge, and this must be agreed upon according to the availability of the Officiant at the time of contract signing.

Release; Consent To Use Likeness:

The undersigned understands, agrees and consents to release and indemnify Grant Balfour from and against any and all liability, claims, damages, and actions arising directly or indirectly out of or sustained in connection with the use of the undersigned’s likeness, and that no agents have made any representation, warranty or guaranty to said parties, and that the use of the undersigned’s likeness is for advertising purposes only and is granted to Grant Balfour without compensation. This consent may be withdrawn at any time given notice in writing and allowing considerable time for withdrawal of any likeness from advertising.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto agree to the terms and conditions as described above and have caused this Contract to be signed on the dates indicated below, but effective as of the Effective Date. The parties agree that the specifics of the agreed ceremony shall be considered a part of this contract after signing.
I acknowledge receiving a true and accurate copy of this Agreement.

_______________________________ Date________________
Client Signature

 _____Grant Balfour, D.D._____ Date________________
Reverend Grant Balfour, D.D.