About Me

Will You Marry Us?

An officiant for weddings in South Florida

Rev. Grant Balfour, D.D.

I was ordained in the Universal Life Church in
1991, and celebrated my first wedding in 1999.
I’m a Florida native, and graduated from New
College of Florida with a degree in Hermeneutics,
a field that encompasses religion, literature and
philosophy. Although I was raised Catholic, my
academic interests have carried over into my
spiritual practice, and I’ve come to specialize in
interfaith, multi-denominational, nature-based and secular
humanist ceremonies.

Personally, I don’t always use the title “Reverend”
before my name for the same reason early
Christians avoided worldly titles: we’re all equally
equipped to understand the world’s spiritual
mysteries on our own terms.

As it’s written in the Gospel of Philip:
“For this reason, the veil was not rent
at the top only, since it would have been open
only to those above; nor was it rent at the bottom
only, since it would have been revealed only to
those below. But it was rent from the top to
bottom. Those above opened to us the things
below, in order that we may go in to the secret
of the truth.”


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